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Can I get a discount?2021-11-05T15:46:13+01:00

Of course! Use code ‘Snaily’ to get 20% off your purchase.

Why do you work together with ZAP-Hosting?2021-09-28T20:07:41+02:00

Because ZAP-Hosting is awesome! And they are the one and only authorized sellers of FiveM gameservers.

Where can I find all Snaily designs?2021-09-28T20:05:28+02:00

Click here to download our “Free Art” package which includes all Snaily designs for free!

I got banned but I bought something. Can I get a refund?2021-09-28T20:04:34+02:00

No. Being banned means you will lose your current subscriptions / benefits with us.

I got banned by Team Snaily.2021-09-28T20:04:03+02:00

Being banned means you will lose your current subscriptions / benefits with us.

You are able to appeal your ban would you disagree with our decision. You can appeal your ban by filling in our ban appeal form by clicking here.

How long is the Custom Snaily Animation?2021-09-28T20:02:24+02:00

The animation will be no longer than 3 seconds.

Are updates included when I purchase a FiveM resource?2021-09-28T20:02:03+02:00

At this time, we don’t.

I boosted the Discord guild but never received the Discord role of the rank I’m supposed to have.2021-09-28T19:56:24+02:00

This is correct. Your in-game rank and perks are connected to your Discord Booster role. Due to limitations you currently do not receive your in-game role on Discord when boosting.

I want to change my Rank Up to a higher package.2021-09-28T19:55:27+02:00

This is possible! Select the higher Rank Up package and you’ll see we only charge the difference between your current package and the higher package.
Say you current package is €5 and the higher package is €20, you will only be charged €15.

I bought a Rank Up but nothing is working?2021-09-28T19:54:43+02:00

We use Discord to verify your purchase and identity. So make sure you have Discord installed on your computer as a program when launching the game. Discord needs to be launched / open while you player on our gameserver. (Discord web. is not supported)

How long does a Rank Up last?2021-09-28T19:53:24+02:00

A Rank Up lasts for 1 month.

What is a Rank Up?2021-09-28T19:51:35+02:00

A Rank Up is a paid package for one of our gameservers. This package grants you some extra’s on our gameservers such as: vehicles, clothes, weapons or scripts.

Where can I find your Discord guild?2021-09-29T03:15:50+02:00

Click here to join our Discord guild.

I got banned by or Discord.2021-09-28T19:50:03+02:00

If you got banned by or Discord you are automatically considered banned by us as well.

This means you will lose your current subscriptions / benefits with us.

I don’t see my preferred payment method.2021-09-28T19:47:39+02:00

Please make sure you ‘Add to Cart’ instead of ‘Subscribe’ in order to see all our payment methods.

I did not receive my confirmation email.2021-09-28T19:46:51+02:00

Don’t forget to check your spam inbox (and when using Gmail, advertisement) and search for: “Team Snaily”, “Snaily” or “Tebex”.

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